Ocean Pastures

You cannot get enough of this view. From sunrise to sunset, the islands, bays, and the magnificent Atlantic Oceanalpalca display their changes from moment to moment in the eternal rhythm of the tides. It is our pleasure to share with you our Nova Scotia Retreat, an ideal location to enjoy this seaside spectacle. Take a look at some more pictures of Second Paradise.

Twenty-two acres of green meadows and forest capture the peace of unspoiled nature. The property, located near Mahone Bay, slopes gently down to over 1000 feet of private waterfrontage. The smooth sea Kids and campfire on beachbreeze may inspire you to test the new kite with your children on the grassy headland stretching out into the bay. At the tip of this headland you will find the boathouse and the wharf. This is the perfect place for a sunbath after a refreshing swim in the glittering water. Look out on the ocean and imagine nothing but waves across to France. For later in the day, you will find plenty of firewood for a campfire on the shore. Here you can find out more to do and to see.

deerDo not be alarmed if you suddenly find yourself face to face with an 12-pointer. Entire deer families but also pheasants, blue herons or ospreys can be seen at almost any time of the day – ideal Nova Scotia bird watching.

Paradise Found

As you know, the first Paradise was lost. But now, you can always return to the Second Paradise.

View of shore

Here is a small gallery of photos of Second Paradise.