At Second Paradise Retreat, you can enjoy drinking the clear, clean water that flows out of the taps. Natural springs feed two dug wells that supply all of the water we use. We have the water tested regularly to guarantee clean, good-tasting, healthy drinking water.

laundry on clothesline

The seabreeze is our dryer

The sea breeze is our clothes dryer. All our general-purpose cleaning detergents are biodegradable; mostly we use soap and vinegar. This way, no harmful chemicals go down the drain and into the water table, and our guests don’t have to worry about chemical residue on surfaces or in the air.

For your comfort, we have installed a roll-in and walk-in shower, but no bathtubs – reducing bathwater use by two-thirds. All our used water gets purified in a septic system, and after it has worked its way through the septic system and is filtered again in the leach field, it works its way back into the groundwater. This natural cycle of the water works just fine as long as everyone cares about what goes down the drain.