deerWe care for the gardens, the lawns, the pasture, and the woods using organic methods only. We don’t use commercial pesticides or herbicides, so please don’t worry if you see us working with the spray pump. It is probably just horsetail tea, which we use as a natural fungicide that also strengthens plants against insect damage. In general though, we trust that healthy plants can survive some bug attacks, so we let nature take its course. And if we don’t want too many dandelions in our flower beds, we dig them out.

As for animal pests, our philosophy is that they were here before we were, so we let the deer and the rabbits graze the grass and the flowers. Sometimes we shake our heads, and sometimes we yell at them to get out of the gardens, but mostly we think how graceful and beautiful they are.


Seaweed to compost

We collect the garbage generated on site and recycle whatever can be recycled. Organic things get composted and go back in the gardens as nutrients for the plants. Glass, plastic, paper and metal go to the recycling facility. The rest goes to the dump.